Welcome to the
Colonial Skating Club of Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Colonial Skating Club!

The Colonial Skating Club of Pennsylvania is now located at Revolution Ice Gardens, 1621 Mearns Rd, Warminster, Pa 18974

The Colonial Skating Club of Pennsylvania has been existence since 1960 and is proudly an affiliate member of the United States Figure Skating Association and the Association of Philadelphia Area Figure Skating Clubs.

The Colonial Skating Club is governed by a volunteer board of directors whose goal is to promote the understanding and appreciation of all forms of skating while helping skaters to achieve their individual goals in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship. These objectives are carried out in accordance with the policies of the USFSA. Colonial Skating Club Membership starts July 1st through June 30th. The Colonial Skating Club holds a board meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month. All club members are welcome.

Colonial Skating Club Memberships also include:
* CSC Newsletter
* Permission to test at test sessions within and outside the club
* Voting or election to club office
* Participation in competitions, both local and national
* Eligibility for annual awards
* Participation on club exhibitions and shows
* CSC logo pin (new members only)
* Club Membership Card
* Subscription to SKATING magazine
* Discounted “Season Pass” to icenetwork.com

The USFSA, ISI and Colonial Skating Club

Colonial Skating Club is a sanctioned member club of the USFSA. This means our skaters, who are registered with the USFSA through us, can take USFSA tests and compete in USFSA sanctioned competitions, carnivals, shows, etc. when you skate in a USFSA event, you skate for Colonial Skating Club. A USFSA registered skater may belong to more than one club. However, a skater must designate only one club to be their "Home Club." 

The USFSA is the National Governing Body (NGB) of figure skating in the United States. This position was delegated to the USFSA by Congress. We also work with the International Skating Union and are a class "A" member of the US Olympic Committee. Skaters aspiring to become World and/or Olympic champions progress through a series of skating tests and qualifying competitions to reach the World and Olympic level.

USFSA sponsors a Basic Skills Program which is administered by the rink management. The Basic Skills Program is where most skaters will begin. The program is a for-runner for individuals who wish to have advanced instructions in figure skating. the Basic Skills Program has its own test structure that you must follow.

Some members of the Colonial Skating Club also belong to the ISI (Ice Skating Institute), a recreational skating program that is administered by rink managers and skating professionals who work for a rink or teach independently. They also have a test and competitive structure and national and international competitions. This competitive structure does not lead to World or Olympic championships. When you skate in an ISI event, you represent the rink where you skate. The points you earn for skating will go toward a team trophy for that competition.

Colonial Skating Club is proud of the achievements of all our skaters, in whichever events they enter. Because we are a USFSA Club, our major emphasis is on USFSA Events.